SEO web hosting dominating the virtual industry

SEO web hosting is becoming a trend today, almost all big and top ranking web host or web server companies are becoming more inclined to SEO hosting aside from providing the basic website need of their clients. Since the beginning of search engine popularity and keyword queries that are proven helpful to internet visitors in finding the things that they are looking for whether for research, online shopping or for just some informative materials that they need.

Web host are now becoming more audacious in SEO industry that they compete with many companies whose sole purpose is to provide SEO hosting regardless of their client’s website server or host. But to make things easier for prospective site owners web hosting companies have decided to include SEO hosting in their package to include even the technical maintenance. SEO is really important to one’s website because it helps in the most convenient way to optimize it. SERP work in a manner that reads the most trafficked website with the best keywords associated with it, once a word or phrase is entered into the search engine query; optimized website has the more chance to be at the top of the result.

If you have understood well the purpose of SEO in web hosting, you’ll be probably thinking properly if you are going to create a website with the services of web host that offers SEO. Learn more about SEO and website here on

What is C class IP hosting?

C class IP hosting is when your website belongs to a host that designates a class C IPs to its websites. What is Class C IP address? For a more detailed explanation you can click here, but to make it simple, Class C IPs belong to an octet of 192 to 233 on the first numerical block which is divided into four blocks namely A, B, C and D. Class C is designated on the third numerical block but or block C but the first two block (A and B) should have the same numerical value to belong to the C class IP.

Class C IPs are the most commonly used IPs for websites and web hosting companies because they are suited to a small business enterprise and is much easily understood by website owners who are new to online businesses. Class C can also come in different IPs though belonging in the same class.

This is an SEO technique that enables webmasters to control numerous independent sites in one panel.
Having control of numerous sites that belong to the same owner gives advantage to promote business in the web by tweaking or optimizing his website even if they all have similar contents in the SERP ranking without being marked as spam.